The idea for a ParkPack came to me after I consistently struggled to remember all of the things I wanted to bring to the park with me and my dogs.  I usually wear workout or sport clothes without big pockets.  My must haves are:

  • Phone
  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Poop bags
  • Tennis ball
  • Extra tennis ball in case of loss or theft
  • A place to put the leash(es) that doesn’t strangle me
  • Oops – I should also bring water!
  • Oh, and I should bring the Ball Thrower so I can get some distance…but that thing is unwieldy and I don’t like having to hold it awkwardly after the ball chasing gets old (for me, not my dog – trust)
  • And my sunglasses
  • And … you get the idea!

What I did bring was unorganized and not easy to access.

I searched and searched for a nice satchel where I could keep everything organized and within easy reach while I kept my hands free.  Finally, I combined all of the different elements of various bags that I went through while on my mission to find the perfect dog bag.  Now we have a few options that we think active dogs and their owners will love.
  • Design

    ParkPack Bags are designed with love in the USA.

  • Giving Back

    We are proud to donate a portion of profits to animal rescues each year in the hopes that the loving animals they can save will save their owners right back…just as our rescued animals have done for us.  You can feel good about buying a ParkPack.

  • Out of the Box Thinking

    One of my dogs, Adelaide, is in the video above.  If she fits, she sits!

What will you pack in your ParkPack?

You can reach us at  We’d love to see (and post!) pictures of your active dog.  🙂